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Each year over 100,000 horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico to be brutally slaughtered, many are healthy, sound, and sane.

Fact 2

Traveling 30 hours without food, water or rest. Then grabbed by one hind hoof by an uncaring machine, hung upside down & their throats are slit.

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Don't Walk Away - ACT TODAY..   Click here to learn about horse slaughter myths.

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In Loving Memory of Bravocollage of bravo

Purebred Arabian Registry: SunnyAcres Brandy

January 27th 1985-October 2nd 2010

For seventeen of your twenty-five years I had the privilege of loving you.

I didn’t own you-you owned my heart.

In fact you were the heart of our family.

Your quiet strength shaped me. Never once pushy or unkind.

You carried me with courage, mane and tail flowing, through any situation.

The memory of our rides will forever bring a smile.  The trust we shared humbles me.

I miss your sweet voice it warmed my soul.

Your looks would turn heads . Your unbridle beauty is a vision in my mind.

Your kind, generous  spirit was a gift, an inner beauty.

You served us selflessly teaching young and old with endless patience.

Your wisdom a subtle influence to all who crossed your path.

Thank you for watching over us.

Always the perfect gentleman you led your herd so well.

Gallop to freedom my sweet boy. I will hold you close forever.

Written by Kathleen

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