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Each year over 100,000 horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico to be brutally slaughtered, many are healthy, sound, and sane.

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Traveling 30 hours without food, water or rest. Then grabbed by one hind hoof by an uncaring machine, hung upside down & their throats are slit.

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Don't Walk Away - ACT TODAY..   Click here to learn about horse slaughter myths.

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Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue (www.saveahorsenow.org) is pleased to announce  that the newest billboard in their campaign

to educate the U.S. public about horse slaughter has gone  up in Niagara Falls, Ontario, close to Fort Erie Turnoff.  The billboard

guides the reader to its  companion website www.stopslaughteringus.com which provides up to date factual information regarding

horse slaughter.



According to the USDA, exactly 133,241 U.S. horses were sent to slaughter in 2011. These horses 

are transported to Mexico and Canada in double decker trailers for slaughter and the meat is shipped 

to Europe for human consumption. Angel Acres’ grassroots campaign is funded strictly by horse 

advocates donating to the billboard campaign. The educational campaign is separate from the rescue 



Jo Deibel, Founder and Director of Angel Acres, noted, “We are working hard to raise awareness 

about horse slaughter in Canada. The vast majority of Canadians want an end to horse slaughter and 

they want it to end now. In 2011, 64,652 American horses were shipped into Canada to be brutally 

slaughtered for human consumption. No matter what the pro slaughter proponents call it, i.e. 

rendering, processing, harvesting or whatever sanitized word they choose to use, Horse Slaughter 

Is NOT Humane Euthanasia.”


Charlotte Uhrich, Canadian board sponsor states, “We are pleased to put this anti-horse-slaughter 

billboard up in support of NDP MP Alex Atamanenko and his Bill C-322, a Bill to end horse 

slaughter in Canada. Horse slaughter is inhumane and barbaric; we do not slaughter and eat our 

companion animals in Canada. The closet door has been opened to Canada’s dirty little secret and it 

is time to end this evil practice.”



Jo Deibel Talks Horse Slaughter

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