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Each year over 100,000 horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico to be brutally slaughtered, many are healthy, sound, and sane.

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Traveling 30 hours without food, water or rest. Then grabbed by one hind hoof by an uncaring machine, hung upside down & their throats are slit.

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The Facts

  • Each year over 100,000 healthy, sound, sane horses are shipped to Mexico and Canada to be brutally slaughtered.
  • Horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia!
  • Traveling 30 hours without food, water or rest.
  • Horses are hit repeatedly in skull with a mechanical hammer or captive bolt.
  • They are then subjected to the brutal & unimaginably cruel process of horse slaughter.
  • Grabbed by one hind hoof by an uncaring machine, hung upside down, their throats are slit, and the vicious inhumane slaughter begins
  • Help Angel Acres continue to raise awareness about horse slaughter - beyond rescuing horses in need, we need to educate the general non-horse owning public about the horrors that happen to horses bound for slaughter for human consumption. Join our cause (no graphic photos) today - click here to join!
  • Contact your State and local representatives by clicking this HSUS provided link here.
  • Contact your Federal representatives by clicking this HSUS provided link here.
  • Tell SOMEONE what you have learned about horse slaughter - that it is NOT humane euthanasia.
  • Visit Canadian Horse Defense Coalitions Website to see videos of horse slaughter - the laws may say horses "must be rendered unconscious via humane methods" before they are slaughtered. The videos at CHDC's website CLEARLY shows horses AWAKE while being brutally, horrifically slaughtered. Some of the videos are GRAPHIC hidden camera footage.
  • Please read & share this peer reviewed article with everyone you know! Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette would have you believe horse meat is safe, as they want to feed it to needy American citizens! This is SO far from the truth - horse meat is loaded with drugs that cause cancer and other serious, even fatal disorders in people!

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  • Find a good rescue and support it! Visit the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries GFAS website and/or The Fugly Blogto find a good, solid rescue that really is in it for the horses!
  • Once you have found a good rescue, visit, volunteer and get involved!

  • Do NOT be fooled by "rescues" like United Horsemen who are PRO slaughter!

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What is a Homeless Horse?

A homeless horse is a horse that has simply outgrown the reason he or she was bred.
Daisy Duke

A homeless horse is NOT an "unwanted horse" there is NO such thing as an "unwanted horse" in the United States.

All domesticated equines were bred with human intervention.

There is NO free breeding in the USA. NO ONE has a litter of horses show up on their doorstep one day.

Horses in need of rescue or assistance are simply homeless, usually through no fault of their own, and are looking for a second chance at life.

Homeless horses are, in most cases, are healthy and sound. A recent statistic from Animal Welfare Institute's Website states, "In fact, 92.3 percent of horses arriving at slaughter plants in this country in recent years were deemed to be in "good" condition, according to the US Department of Agriculture's Guidelines for Handling and Transporting Equines to Slaughter. The horse slaughter industry makes a greater profit off of healthy horses and therefore purposely seeks out such animals."

Don't believe the pro-slaughter hype - there are NO unwanted horses; simply homeless horses in need of a second chance.

The Unwanted Horse: Myth or Reality?

In recent years some industry groups and other supporters of horse slaughter which consistently fight passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (AHSPA) have claimed that there exists a huge unwanted horse population in the United States.

These organizations, which include the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Quarter Horse Association, have been lobbying Congress to block passage of the AHSPA on the premise that slaughter offers a humane way to dispose of these animals, a necessary evil without which horses would be subjected to neglect, abandonment and abuse. In short, they argue that horse slaughter improves horse welfare.

Ironically, these groups were largely silent on issues of equine welfare prior to introduction of the AHSPA. Yet now that the horse slaughter industry is seriously threatened the coalitions partners are citing animal welfare as the basis for their pro-slaughter stance.

The truth is that, no hard data exists on an "unwanted horse" population. The Unwanted Horse Coalitions own website states:

"No accurate figures document how many unwanted horses actually exist, their age and sex, the breeds represented, how many are purebred versus grade, their most recent use, their value or what happens to them in the long run. . Tens of thousands of horses that could be classified as unwanted are being sent to processing facilities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico each year."

In short, the coalition has absolutely no evidence to support its claim that horses going to slaughter are "unwanted".

What is clear is that killer buyers working for the slaughterhouses are outbidding other buyers at auction because they have a financial incentive to do so. The market for slaughter horses is set by the international demand for their meat in other countries, not by the number of "unwanted horses".

Read more: Debunking the Myth

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Need more information first? Here ya go!

MYTH:  Only sick and old horses are sent to slaughter.
FACT:    A U.S. Dept of Agriculture study revealed that more than 92% of horses going to slaughter are healthy.

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MYTH: If horse slaughter is ended, there will be a flood of abandoned horses.
FACT: Slaughter actually promotes illegal neglect and abandonment.

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MYTH: Horse slaughter is illegal in the United States.
FACT: Horse slaughter is illegal only in Texas, Illinois and California.

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MYTH: Horse slaughter is like being "put down".
FACT: Horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia.

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